Three weeks ago we announced a new protocol called Bitcoin Files Protocol (BFP) and the initial implementation using the Electron Cash SLP wallet. We also announced a simple roadmap for BFP which included a website for uploading/downloading files and also a JavaScript SDK. We’re happy to say that both of these items have been completed today, and now we have a more ambitious roadmap for which we hope to announce in the coming weeks.

Uploading Files

Uploading and sharing small files to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain is now extremely easy using the web interface. The website provides a simple to use UI for uploading and downloading files directly to/from the blockchain, with BadgerWallet integration as well as traditional QR code support.

Simply go to, click Upload a File and pay the mining fee and a small developer convenience fee (currently $0.25). You can then copy the file’s URI for that file and share it with anyone.

File upload size is temporarily being limited to 5KB, but we plan to raise this limit soon in conjunction with planned improvements to the Bitcoin Cash network in the coming months. In the short term we believe the limitation could be raised to allow for files as large as 25KB, and in the long term, the upload size limit may be removed completely.

Bitcoin Files Upload

File URI is provided after the upload is complete:

BitcoinFiles Upload Complete

Downloading Files

To download files, click Download a File and paste in the file URI to download. Your browser will begin downloading the file to your device. A nice table, powered by unwriter’s powerful bitquery service, is provided to give a list of all the possible file downloads for the user.

BitcoiFiles Download

File Preview

Most file types can be previewed directly within the browser without downloading the file to your computer’s file system, risking downloading a virus. ¬†File preview looks like this:

Exploring Files Further with BitDB & Bitquery

Exploring what files already exist on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain is easy by clicking “File Explorer”, which will redirect the user to a special bitquery on

BitcoinFiles File Explorer

Finally, I want to direct you to the JavaScript SDK for BFP on GitHub. This SDK was built using BITBOX and BitDB and makes uploading and downloading files to the blockchain easy from any JavaScript application. The README file provides code examples and shows how to store small files on Bitcoin Cash using BFP and JavaScript.

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