Ledger Treasure #1 Solution

Stashed Cash 1 Solution Ledger Treasure is our newsletter that contains a new Bitcoin Cash puzzle each month.  The first person to solve the puzzle is be able to claim the BCH prize.  You can sign up here if you would like to participate in the future Ledger Treasure... Goes Live

Three weeks ago we announced a new protocol called Bitcoin Files Protocol (BFP) and the initial implementation using the Electron Cash SLP wallet. We also announced a simple roadmap for BFP which included a website for uploading/downloading files and also a JavaScript SDK. We’re happy to say that both of these items have been completed, and now we have a more ambitious roadmap for which we hope to announce in the coming weeks.

Cashy.Tools: A Brief Introduction

Over the last few weeks, our team has been working hard on a new serverless web app called The original intention of this app was to provide a simple tool for calculating P2SH addresses of commonly used script templates (e.g., p2sh multi-sig, etc.).